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Zurich Video Sessions

Have you ever taken a step back from your endless email inbox and mounting work deadlines only to realise that you can’t remember the last time you took the car out for the pleasure of it? With the last days of summer coming up I said no to all my plans. I grabbed the filming gear, the car keys to the AMG GTS and called up some friends in Zurich. The day was damn near perfect, with clear blue skies and warm weather. You couldn’t ask for better conditions for a little cruise around the town and surrounding areas.

Ferrari California driving highway Switzerland

Having spent the night in Zurich, I met up with Misha and set off to the meeting point. We were the first ones to arrive, but not long after we heard the roaring noise of a naturally aspirated Ferrari V8. Shortly after the Ferrari California appeared around the corner. Later, we were joined by a 911 Carrera S and Bentley Continental W12. Being surrounded by 34 cylinders and 13.7 litres of power is enough to make the adrenaline flow like the Nile. We spent a couple minutes waking up the neighbours and made our way out.

Ferrari Bentley Mercedes parking square Zurich view

Our plan was to hit the motorways around Zurich to make noise in the tunnels (because who doesn’t love doing that) and get some cool driving shots of the cars. We didn’t bring our filming car, so this was the best opportunity to get a semblance of stable filming. The four cars together in the tunnels was nothing short of a symphony. We were an automotive orchestra with the Bentley as our bass, the screaming flat 6 engine of the 911 as our trumpet, and the Ferrari making up the rest of the brass section – all tuned to the drums of a downshifting GTS. We weren’t alone in bringing out the cars on this beautiful day. Several other weekend drivers were exhilarated by our convoy and were more than willing to join in for some accelerations.

We exited the motorway and headed south towards the town of Zug and up the Zugerberg mountain. On a winding road, surrounded by green fields and an incredible view unfolding behind us, life was good. Switzerland can serve up some of the best driving roads in the world and driving one with your mates on a sunny day is better than Christmas Day when you’re 6 years old. All in all, little excursions like this are totally underrated. Getting away, and just driving for the sake of driving. Taking the time to enjoy the road and your car is something you so rarely get to do. So, when the weather is right, I strongly encourage you all to take the cover off your garage sleeper and let it stretch its legs. It will be 100 times better for you than doing yoga or going for a walk.