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    Summer Rally 2021


    € 7’500.00

    *20% downpayment required to secure your place

    18.07.2021 ‐ 24.07.2021

    Switzerland ‐ Milan ‐ Forte dei Marmi ‐ Monaco (2 nights) ‐ Provence Alpes ‐ Surprise Location (South of France)

    The Torque Rally is happy to announce our annual summer rally! This year we have planned an amazing tour that all of you have been waiting for, and yes for so long! Here’s what’s included

    • Double room for 6 nights in 5-star hotels
    • Breakfast for 2 people at hotels
    • Secure parking throughout
    • Start line event incl. lunch
    • Sticker package
    • Luggage service
    • 24/7 assistance
    • Professional video and photo team



    The ideology of this trip was to provide you with everything that you have been missing, and we mean it – everything. You will not get bored of driving as out of the 1000km that we will drive together, 300km consist of incredible mountain passes. Out of the 2 days in Monaco we will arrange a special drive in the French Alps unless you will not yet end your party from the night before! From mountain passes to coastal stretches, the route has been carefully planned to contain a balance of winding road and high- speed freeways.

    The Torque Rally Europe tour will take you on a voyage to enjoy lavish locations, discover epic driving roads and participate in exclusive events and parties. All together with like- minded individuals who share a passion for fine automobiles.

    The start line take place in the French Part of Switzerland, we are preparing a surprise so make sure you arrive with warm tyres! We will stay at every location for one night, except in Monaco where we will spend two nights.

    Additional information

    Maximum Cars:


    Car requirements:

    Min 350 factory bhp, supercar or sportscar


    Each car must have a minimum of 2 participants