Torque Rally Europe 2018

Sunday 8thJuly - Saturday 14th July

Route: Geneva - Milan - Monaco - Carcassonne - Andorra - Barcelona

A minimum of at least 2 drivers per car is required. You are of course allowed to be more, as long as the number of people in the car does not conflict with any laws in the visited countries. The Torque Rally is limited to 20 participating cars. Price upon request.

Sign up for the 1stedition of The Torque Rally and recieve:

  • Luxurious 5-star hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Designated Torque Rally parking at every stop
  • Torque Rally full sticker set (black or white)
  • Full access to all organised events and parties
  • 24h crew assistance during Torque Rally 2018
  • Insurance throughout the rally
  • Special Torque Rally welcome package
  • Luggage transport service

Vehicle Age and Rules

To participate in The Torque Rally a minimum age of 18 is required, as well as a valid drivers license. Any car is accepted as long as it has at least 350 factory horsepower (of course we make exceptions). If you have any doubts or questions about the car do not hesitate to contact us.

Company or Corporate Entries and Additional Sponsors

If you would like to register and pay through your company, simply fill out the application for as normal and email us your company details, and will send you the invoice.

The official Torque Rally sticker set is required on all cars. Once placed on your car, you can add stickers from your own personal sponsors. We always keep the right to refuse, or remove stickers from your car. You are also allowed to use a corporate name as your team name.

Final Balance and Late Payments

Your final team balance which includes payments for all participants of your team, is due before the 30thApril 2018. Any payments made after this date will incur a late payment fee of 500€ per person, no exceptions.

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